HAYATT Youth Apartment Project

In the Youth Apartment Project, HAYATT has set itself the task of creating a safe haven for underage refugees. A shared apartment, where they live in small, manageable groups, organize their own everyday lives and can simply feel at home.

Adolescent refugees who arrive in Germany without relatives have more than most lost not only their homes, but also their social reference persons and are left alone with their problems and fears. They hope to find protection and security here. Instead they are housed in initial reception facilities, where they have to share the cramped living conditions with several more adolescents from different countries and cultures and without a common language. This lack of privacy and room to withdraw is particularly stressful for adolescents, limiting their social life and inhibiting their personal development. This can lead to complications in the integration process.

In our Youth Apartment, the refugees not only have their own rooms that they can decorate to suit their individual preferences. They also receive support from our qualified social education workers in planning their everyday lives and their goals. The focus is on self-help support, since they can only become independent of outside help if they learn to lead independent and self-sufficient lives. The primary aim is the social integration of the underage unaccompanied refugees, that they find their place in our society, learn German and find a perspective for their future lives. The emphasis is on developing, expanding and consolidating a social network.

Regular school attendance, independent management of finances, a structured and regular daily routine, integration and language courses and active organization of leisure activities aim to give the young people security, a sense of clarity and the feeling of normality. Our qualified team of mentors and interpreters supports and guides them in the process. Apart from education, issues of health, medicine and hygiene are also addressed, ensuring comprehensive integration. Additional activities such as cooking get-togethers permit an eye-level exchange between the young people and their mentors.

The service is directed at minors and young adults between the ages of 16 and 21, who have an increased need of support in the form of educational monitoring.

Following the success of the pilot project, HAYATT will shortly open a second Youth Apartment at our Bremen location.


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