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Over 16 million migrants live in Germany today. Every fifth German citizen has a migrant background. Equal opportunities on the job market are an essential condition for the successful integration of these people in Germany. Only those with a secure income and economic independence have the opportunity actively to participate in the shaping of our society. The improvement of opportunities for migrants is therefore one of the chief concerns of HAYATT.

At the Counselling Centre, we make it our aim to offer a new outlook on life to people coming to Germany. This includes facilitating a speedy integration into the training and job market, to provide assistance in finding accommodation or in finding insurable employment.

The HAYATT Counselling Centre offers the following wide range of services:

Assessment (e.g. assessment of your present situation, family and social environment, language level etc.)

Profiling (e.g. recording your core competencies and qualifications, accrediting of diplomas and certificates, determination of aims and professional goals)

Counselling (developing a road map for the attainment of your aims, clarification of financial issues, matching of your professional profile with realistic opportunities on the job market, compilation or improvement of application documents, job application strategies, preparation for a job interview)

Agency services (job placement in insurable employment, including full-time, part-time, “mini-job”, traineeship etc.)

In addition, we offer a range of counselling services that go beyond the mere integration in the job market:

Psychological counselling (e.g. individual or group counselling, stress, conflict or self management)

Leisure guidance (e.g. help in making meaningful use of leisure time, dance and music projects, sporting activities, individual leisure planning)

Referral counselling (referral to specialized counselling, e.g. regarding asylum procedures, residence or work permits, education and training, family reunion, adoption and guardianship)


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