Qualifications in the healthcare sector


Our range of services

Healthcare and medical professions offer good perspectives for the future. More and more people require medical care whether as outpatients or inpatients. Partly due to the lack of qualified specialists, the demand cannot be fully met. To reduce this bottleneck, we offer not only the necessary basic qualifications, but also entry into the healthcare sector. It is our concern especially to advance the competencies of immigrants in this area. The technical language modules end with the telc certificate “Deutsch B1-B2 Pflege” (German B1-B2 for healthcare). The examining body telc is a distinguished provider of European language training, whose certificates enjoy Europe-wide recognition. We are concerned to provide students with sustainable qualifications for the job market, and to support them in their entry or re-entry into working life.

How do we achieve this?

In professional development courses of several months, our participants are trained in vocational matters and technical language. Theory and practice are linked in a meaningful way. Monitored internships provide an orientation and practical application of the syllabus.

The teaching material is based on current scientific and professional guidelines.

Our team consists of specialized teaching staff from the fields of Educational Science and Pedagogics, Psychology, Linguistics, Medicine, Healthcare, Professional Vocational German and Interpreting. . Their pedagogical skills contribute significantly to the successful learning of the participants.