The word “hayatt” comes from Arabic and means “life”.


The company HAYATT was founded in 2010, originally as a service provider for guidance activities and refugee counselling in Hamburg. At first, we were primarily engaged in procuring language and cultural mediation services for government authorities and other institutions, as well as providing guidance to refugees and asylum seekers in their daily affairs. Our service package included accompanying refugees to appointments with authorities or doctors, as well as counselling them in social or family problems and support with health care.


Since its founding, HAYATT has continued to expand its range of services in different areas, including the HAYATT AKADEMIE with its professional development programme for language and culture mediators, HAYATT JUGENDHILFE (youth work) for the guidance of unaccompanied adolescent refugees, as well as our vocational language courses in accordance with the German Language Assistance Directive (DeuFöV). Similarly, our new branch office in Bremen illustrates the expansion of our portfolio through the addition of further guidance and training services, fitting seamlessly into our philosophy: to develop programmes in the areas of vocational German courses, job placement schemes, counselling services for adolescents or professional development measures, which meet current demand as well as the specific needs of the various industries, and ideally suited to the requirements of each target group, whether they be.


Since we are convinced that language is the key to successful social integration, it is one of our chief concerns to convey comprehensive German language skills. Only if people are able to talk to one another are they able to communicate their thoughts to others, articulate opinions or needs, and share experiences with others.


For this reason, HAYATT as a certified education and training provider is committed to providing migrants and asylum seeker with the language competence necessary to enable them to communicate with German citizens. Within the framework of our range of training services, we also introduce the participants in our integration schemes – e.g. German language courses for unaccompanied adolescent refugees, vocational language courses or state-funded vocational language modules – to the laws, rules, norms and values of German society and culture.


Our commitment aims to break through the sense of isolation from which migrants often suffer on arrival in our country, still foreign to them because they have no experience interacting with Germans. Lacking contact with their age group or people with similar interests, they grow more and less isolated, retreating from society before they have even really arrived. To counteract this, HAYATT ensures that migrants feel part of a community which they can actively help to shape and model according to their personal needs and wishes.