Hayatt Academy for the first time by 2017 will offer an advanced training and a professional development courses for qualification as a Language and Culture Mediator. The course is addressed to all those who would like to work as interpreters or translators in refugee care in the future, but do not yet have professional experience or the necessary qualifications.

In the face of the undiminished flow of refugees and immigrants into this country, there is a great need and high demand for qualified and skilled staff in these areas in various institutions, government authorities and associationsacross the country. Professional prospects and perspectives for interpreters in the labor market are correspondingly good.

A total of 15 applicants have the opportunity to acquire the know-how necessary to work as interpreters in refugee aid. The syllabus not only conveys comprehensive knowledge of the German education, training, social security and healthcare systems plus issues of migration and social participation, it also introduces participants to the theory and practice of interpreting and helps them to improve and expand their communication and social skills.

The object of the skills conveyed is to enable graduates to work as interpreters in the areas of social work (e.g. women’s counselling centres), in youth welfare or social security offices, in employment agencies, in education (e.g. schools or other institutions) or in the health sector (e.g. clinics or health authorities). Accordingly, the course will include a 3 week internship, during which the participants gain an initial impression of working life, put into practice existing skills, and can apply their knowledge of foreign languages.

Topics of the Curriculum


Intercultural communication, reflective competence and conflict mediation

Migration, politics and law

Education, training and social services


Theory, practice and techniques of interpreting

Internship (3 weeks)

Interdisciplinary course units: IT, structure of government offices, German grammar, job application training


The course may be sponsored by the Federal Labour Office (Bundesagentur für Arbeit), the JobCenter or one of a number of other sponsors. It can be financed by an Education Voucher (Bildungsgutschein). Alternatively, you are always welcome to take part as a self-payer.

 When does the next course start?

The next course will probably begin at the beginning of September 2017 and includes a three-week internship. If you are interested, please send an application by e-mail with a full set of documents, or make an appointment with us.

Requirements for Participation

Language skills at level B2 (a placement test may be conducted)

The command of at least one foreign language

Any vocational training and/or working experience is an advantage

Do you have any further questions about the Professional Development Course as a Language and Culture Mediator?

If so, please contact us by e-mail or telephone. We also conduct information events at regular intervals, where we will be pleased to give you more information about the contents, aims and operation of the Professional Development Course, and explain the good career prospects of graduates. We will send you an invitation to an event on registration. We look forward to seeing you there!


On 10. July 2017, the first Language and Culture Mediators completed their training with us.



From left: Samad Ahmadi, Mohamed Moujahed, Fadia Daher

Vania Postagian, Khatreh Navabi und Ali Al Jobori;

not pictured: Garibe Kaval und Abdul-Karim Yamrali


We are delighted that everybody had such a good time on our course!

But what matters more is that all our participants have also found their own professional perspective. Fadia Daher will work as an In-Company Integration Monitor at a Hamburg vocational school. To Khatreh Navabi, Samad Ahmadi und Ali Al Jobori, we were able to offer insurable in-house employment as interpreters, and Vania Postagian expects to take up a position as a Job Coach for refugees. Mohamed Moujahed und Garibe Kaval also found out during their internships where they would like to apply what they learned on the course: They will continue their training, Ms. Kaval with the ultimate goal of becoming a teacher in a multi-cultural nursery school, while Mr. Moujahed aims to become a maths teacher. Until he reaches this goal, he will continue working at a Hamburg school as an Integration Teacher, as he did during his internship.


We send all our graduates the very best wishes for the future and look forward to the next course, which is scheduled to start next year 2019

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