What is preventing you from having a clear head?

Not enough time for you personal goals, due to private commitments?

Uncertainty caused by lack of practice in arithmetic, reading, writing, or PC skills?

Threatened by debt overload or even bankruptcy?

In our programme STEP IN, we escort you, step by step, towards the training and job market. In the course of five months, you receive comprehensive preparation to let you find an internship, a traineeship or certification course in your chosen profession. Quite incidentally, you become aware of your strengths and competencies, thus building the foundation for a personal and authentic application performance. Above all, basic skills are refreshed that are a prerequisite for successful participation in German society in particular the German job market, like arithmetic, reading and writing. This is the only way to safeguard a successful entry into the working world.

You may look forward to a team and a group that share your goals.

Together, we will remove the obstacles in your way.

Programme Contents

Who am I, what do I want and how do I get there?

What is troubling me? – everyday stumbling blocks

Debt workshop – how can I cope with money and creditors?

Practice in reading, writing and comprehension

Practice in arithmetic and PC skills

A self-confident performance is half the battle – a great application performance is a victory

Networking for your job

Practical units and reflection on internships

What goals can I realistically reach?

Application support

This programme is sponsored by the Federal Labour Office.


Sarah Rusteberg
Breitenweg 59
28195 Bremen
Tel: 0421 - 514 23 427
Fax: 0421 - 514 23 428

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