Telc Examination Center
Starting from 01.09.17, Hyatt GmbH is certified as an authorised Telec test center for the German courses

The Hayatt Academy conducts German language courses from level A1 to C2 of the European language reference frame in the modern rooms, which are optimally equipped for the teaching of languages, in our office at Billstrasse 33.

Hayatt GmbH is the official test partner of Telc and also carries out examinations according to the European reference frame at level A1 to C2 of the general language courses, the integration course on the A1 / A2 / B1 / B2 / C1 level with the German Test for Immigrants DTZ) and carries out professional-oriented German courses from B1 to C2, whereby participants are also invited, who would like to be tested as self-payers externally in the following levels.

For the tests at the respective level, the necessary requirements are briefly formulated according to the European language reference framework:

• At Level A1, familiar, everyday expressions and simple sentences should be understood and used. You should be able to provide information on your own person and ask other people questions about yourself. Things can be named, which others have and can answer even these questions. Furthermore, a simple communication should be possible in cooperation with the discussion partners.

Basic knowledge:
• On level A2, frequently used expressions and simple phrases should be understood that are related to areas of direct relevance (eg, personal and family information, shopping, work, proximity). It should be possible to communicate in routine situations involving a simple and direct exchange of information about familiar and familiar things. It should also be possible to describe with simple means, the own origin and education, the direct environment and things related to immediate needs.

Advanced language usage:
• At the B1 level, the main points should be understood when a clear standard language is used and familiar things from work, school and leisure, etc. are concerned. You should be able to deal with most of the situations encountered when traveling in the language area. Simple expressions about related and familiar topics and personal interests should be possible. Describe experiences and events, describe dreams, hopes and goals, and give short explanations or explanations for plans and views.

independent usage of language
• At level B2, the main content of complex texts should be understood as concrete and abstract subjects; in its own field